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H2H Therapy & Consulting's Story

If you are here, that is probably because you’re wondering- what is it that H2H Therapy & Consulting offers?  Is it therapy?  Life coaching?  NO, it is a better way to heal and move forward to find your purpose after service.

In Jessica's years of working with Veterans, she began to see some of the same patterns over and over again in terms of, not only their struggles, but also the ways the systems designed to help them, often fail them.  She also saw some of the ways the very traits that made people excellent Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Guardians, and Coast Guardsman made them terrible patients.  They hated asking for help.  They were amazing at ignoring pain.  They were great at listening to authority figures, so they waited until they could not take it anymore, and then would accept whatever pill or ineffective therapy was offered to them.

  H2H Consulting was born out of Jessica's dream to take everything she has learned and condense it, make it digestible and tolerable for Veterans.  The idea of talking about their feelings for an hour each week makes a lot of Veterans cringe, and especially if they have not been out long, goes against so much of the training and mindset they were immersed in.  Many people with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) cannot imagine going to therapy, talking about (which means reliving to some degree) the trauma, and then going back to work, or taking care of kids, or dealing with any daily responsibilities.  Many people have had the experience of leaving therapy completely tapped out, and even having a session trigger migraines, insomnia, or other symptoms.  When that happens, it is not hard to imagine why someone would not want to continue.

The good news is that there is more than one way to heal.  We have developed a way of helping that does not gloss over the reality of your situation, but also does not drag you through the mud to try to fix it.  Life is hard enough, and if you are struggling to readjust to civilian life, you are already having a tremendous battle, so you need something doable, something that does not hurt.  In order to remove other barriers, our consulting services are also done virtually and mostly on your own time, so there is no worrying about commutes or appointments.

We know this is a different way of approaching things, but when you keep doing the same thing over and over that is not working, that is insanity, right?  We threw out the parts that do not work, and kept the rest, and that is what we bring to you.  We are sincerely thankful to those who serve; you are an inspiration to us, and it is an honor to help you heal.  You are meant for something more than your military service.  That is not your whole story, so in addition to healing, we will help you figure out and set off on your new mission.  We cannot wait to work with you!

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