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Reverse Bootcamp

Our Reverse Bootcamp is an 8-week program that aims to help people improve the mental health of service members and Veterans by challenging them to unlearn unhealthy habits and beliefs and adopt new ones that promote well-being.

Unlike a traditional bootcamp, which prepares people for military service by teaching them discipline, structure, and teamwork, our Reverse Bootcamp helps people adjust to civilian life by teaching them how to cope with stress, anxiety, connect with their family and community, and achieve Post-Traumatic Growth.

A reverse bootcamp can help Veterans in various ways, such as:

  • Communication:  Effective communication in the military is short, precise, and the "BLUF" (Bottom Line Up Front).  This style of communication can cause a world of problems in other settings.  Learn how to communicate effectively in every setting.

  • Navigating Adult Life:  You may have been entrusted with millions of dollars' worth of equipment and the lives of those around you, but if you don't know how your health insurance works, or that pretty much nothing outside the military works like it does in the military, you'll need to learn these things.

  • Recognizing and Addressing Trauma:  Practical strategies for recognizing how trauma shows up and affects your body, your thoughts, and your relationships, and what to do about it.

  • Self-Care:  It is a skill, that must be learned.  No, it doesn't involve bubble baths and soft music (unless that's your thing).

Our Reverse Bootcamp is a beneficial way for our bravest warriors to have the type of civilian life they deserve. 

Reverse Bootcamp

8-week Program

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